How about a Jazzy Little Christmas?

You might not immediately think of jazz artists playing Christmas songs but over the years it has proved fertile ground for a whole host of artists from Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Duke Ellington to Ella, Frank, Louis and Mel.

For us what makes a jazz tinged Christmas so special is that the artists on our jazz Christmas playlist breathe new life into songs and tunes that we’ve heard so many times before. Fact is Christmas songs get played but at this one time each year and that is probably why we love them so much, well that and the fact that we are all romantics at heart and there is no thing so romantic than dreaming of that White Christmas…sorry to all our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

Well here it is our Jazzy Little Christmas playlist of crackers, some that you’ll be very familiar with and others we feel sure will be know to you. With over 5 hours of music that’s probably more than enough to see you all the way through Christmas dinner…

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