A Romantic Interlude…

What makes the perfect love song? It’s probably different things for different people, but in most cases it is the same thing for all of us. It’s the memories that come flooding back when we hear a special song that reminds us about someone special.

Music has the ability to date stamp our lives, sometimes so perfectly that we can remember the exact moment we first hear a song. So often the time machine takes us back to a moment involving someone special and that’s what makes love songs so personal, so intense and so timeless.

We have collected together 100 of the greatest love songs…ever and we would love to hear from you about your favourite love song. Just take a look at our list and we think you will agree that these are the very best love songs, but possibly you think we may have left something off.

This is the one day a year that all of us can be unashamedly romantic, nostalgic and unafraid to crank up those guilty pleasures.

Happy Valentine’s Day - the most romantic day of the year

The 100 Greatest Love Songs…Ever on Spotify

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