The Axe Men Cometh

Welcome to controversy central here at uDiscover. We’ve taken on some tasks in the past when it comes to creating lists of the best this, or the best that, but fewer subjects cause more controversy than who are the best guitarists in the world.

We’ve come up with a list, and it is not just a list that we have dreamed up; we’ve tried the appliance of science, or at least some heavy research. We’ve trawled though magazines, searched the web and checked out numerous lists of the greatest guitarists ever, to come up with this list of 50.

Now we fully expect that some of you will say we’ve completely lost the plot by leaving out so-and-so, or not including others, but trust us this really is as scientific as we can make it. Believe us when we say, if we had asked all of you to come up with a list, for everyone we pleased there would be thousands of others that would disagree. Believe us to when we say, women guitar players are in short supply on these lists, and much as we love Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt and Chantel McGregor, to name just three, they just did not make the grade.

Other favourites that would have probably been on our list include, Clem Clempson, Grant Green, Larry Carlton, Peter Frampton, Gary Moore, Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, Lee Ritenour, John Fogerty, Paul Kossoff, Roy Buchanan and Cliff Gallup…to name just a few… we nearly forgot, what about Charlie Christian?

We’ve put together a playlist of signature tracks and before anyone starts saying that there are better tracks out there, let us stress that this is not a 'best of' list. It’s a list that demonstrates the skill of each of the players. – and their trademark sound.

As always love to hear your comments as to your favourite players and classic tracks that you might have included. And remember, this is just a bit of fun, no one died in the creation of this list…

There are no Robert Fripp solo or King Crimson tracks on Spotify and neither are the Beatles or George Harrison available on Spotify, which is why Robert is not among the tracks and George’s track is with Alvin Lee (how come he didn’t make the list? – Ed)

And in reverse order, the 50 Greatest Guitarists Ever…

50. Bo Diddley
49. Joe Perry
48. Mick Taylor
47. Johnny Winter
46. Slash
45. Dickey Betts
44. Rory Gallagher
43. Wes Montgomery
42. James Burton
41. Freddy King

40. Thurston Moore
39. Steve Cropper
38. Peter Green
37. Albert King
36. Jerry Garcia
35. Johnny Ramone
34. Mike Bloomfield
33. Jack White
32. George Harrison
31. The Edge

30. Buddy Guy
29. Ritchie Blackmore
28. Les Paul
27. Brian May
26. Django Reinhardt
25. Richard Thompson
24. John Fahey
23. Eddie Hazel
22. Chet Atkins
21. Dave Gilmour

20. Tony Iommi
19. T-Bone Walker
18. Pete Townshend
17. Mark Knopfler
16. Carlos Santana
15. Robert Fripp
14. Frank Zappa
13. Ry Cooder
12. John McLaughlin
11. Robert Johnson

10. Jeff Beck
9. Chuck Berry
8. B.B. King
7. Duane Allman
6. Stevie Ray Vaughan
5. Keith Richards
4. Eddie Van Halen
3. Eric Clapton
2. Jimmy Page
1. Jimi Hendrix

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