The Day Cream Announced Their Goodbye

This was the date 46 years ago that Cream announced they were going to call it a day. On July 10, 1968 — just as their third album ‘Wheels Of Fire’ was being released and after considering the announcement for the whole of that year and even before — Eric Clapton declared that the band were splitting up, citing “loss of direction.”

The trio of Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker went on to play a farewell tour from October, culminating in a final concert at London’s Royal Albert on November 26 that year. Just before the tour started, they went to IBC Studios in London to record three songs, ‘Badge,’ ‘Doing That Scrapyard Thing’ and ‘What A Bringdown,’ for what became their final album, ‘Goodbye.’

That album was released early in 1969 and, with a running time of only 30 minutes, featured the three new songs after three live cuts recorded at the Forum in Los Angeles on the farewell tour. ‘Badge,’ to many Cream’s last great moment on record, was co-written by Clapton with his friend George Harrison, who also played rhythm guitar on it and was billed on the record as ‘L’Angelo Mysterioso.’

Some critics viewed the album as a somewhat unsatisfactory swansong, but ‘Goodbye’ still contains plenty of the trio’s unique combination of power and subtlety. Here it is to mark the day that the band announced that they were soon to say ‘Goodbye.’

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