Watch Stevie Wonder’s New ‘Sir Duke’ Performance

Stevie Wonder got into the mood for his upcoming, 11-city North American tour recreating his historic 1976 double album ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ by performing on US late night TV presenter Jimmy Fallon’s chat show on September 19.

Wonder was appearing as a surprise guest for Fallon’s 40th birthday, emerging from behind a curtain to sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ chatting to the presenter and reprising part of his harmonica solo from his debut hit ‘Fingertips Pt 2.’ Then, with house band the Roots, he performed one of the signature hits from ‘Key Of Life,’ which you can see here:

Once the show was off air, Wonder also performed another track from the album, ‘All Day Sucker.’ He revealed to Fallon that the tour may include some other hits from beyond the 1976 landmark. Speaking about the Madison Square Garden date in New York on November 6, he said: "If they call me back onstage, we'll do like 'Superstition.’” I understand that Jeff Beck is in town, maybe he'll do a little somethin' somethin’.”

In another recent interview, Wonder intimated that the upcoming shows will include new songs from the “40 to 50” compositions he’s been writing for his much-rumoured next album. He has said that he hopes to start releasing singles from the album, which has the working title ‘Through the Eyes of Wonder,’ in February.

Stevie says that his latest writing has been informed, as ever, by world affairs. "Obviously the good, the bad and the ugly, I've seen it all,” he notes. “I check out all of it. I’m always challenged [by] anything that's negative to write something like, ‘how can we take it from that wrong place to getting it back to the right place?’

"Unfortunately, we're living in a time of disposable love, and we've got to get it from that place to really valuing life, valuing love and valuing each other."

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